Mozilla does it again: Banning of “men kampf” extension

I’m an ardent user and supporter of Firefox, but have never liked Mozilla the organisation. My political respect for them as an organisation dropped to zero the day they kicked out Brendan Eich for his irrelevant political views (for the record, I completely support gay marriage and LGBT rights in general), and am suspicious that they have funding from the democrats. And they’ve only proven me right about them with their latest shitty move: banning the “Men kampf” extension from the Firefox add-ons store.

Look, Mozilla, it’s a joke. It’s neither pro-Nazi, nor pro-patriarchy. It is anti-feminist, but anyone with a non-zero IQ should be anti-feminist, assuming that by feminist we don’t mean “people fighting for equal rights and opportunities for the genders and combating sexual prejudice” but rather “people who want a holocaust of all men thanks to their vested interests or psychopathic  attitude.

You see, even if they were pro-Nazi, banning it isn’t helping your cause. If you’d like to stop Nazis from taking over the world, give them freedom. By denying them freedom, you only let people sympathise with them. But by giving them freedom, and also their opponents, you inevitably destroy the liars, misguided, and idiots, because in a free society, truth always prevails. But by censoring one side, you achieve nothing – in fact, you might achieve the opposite of what you intended.

The U.S. has full freedom of speech. The E.U. does not. Guess where neo-Nazis are more politically influential?

The Men Kampf guys aren’t even trying to be neo-Nazi, nor pro-patriarchy. They’re just trying to be funny, and if you ask me, they’re doing a good job at it.

I do not, however, encourage the viewers of this blog to boycott, stop using, spread lies about, etc. Firefox, because then you’ll be doing no better than what Mozilla did with Brendan Eich, kicking them out for a totally unrelated opinion of theirs.


Feminist Leslee Udwin murders innocent person for being both Indian and male

Another victim of Leslie Udwin’s brutal vendetta against Indian men:

Nagaland government has conveyed to the Centre that Syed Sarif Khan, who was lynched by a mob in Dimapur last week, did not rape the girl who accused him of assaulting her but they had consensual sex twice. (source: the shillong times)

Is the close proximity to the date of the release of BBC’s Leslie Udwin’s crappy film, India’s daughter, a mere coincidence? I don’t think so. The murderers who murdered this innocent person, hurling racist slurs (of being an illegal Bangladeshi immigrant, while he was actually an Indian from Assam) at him, weren’t uneducated, illiterate, or economically poor people, but teachers, and other educated folks.

Let’s see the story.

A random stranger, a woman, follows Khan into a hotel, and claims she’s willing to have intercourse with him for a sum of 5000 rupees. They do so, twice, and then this woman demands a sum of 5 lakh rupees, threatening to file a case of rape should he not comply. He refuses, and she, keeping to her “promise”, files a rape charge against him. He is imprisoned for this. One fine day, a mob bursts into the jail, grabs him, and drags him 7 kilometres from the spot, where he is accused of being an illegal Bangladeshi immigrant, stripped, beaten up, his scrotum cut open, castrated, and shredded to death. A few days later, he’s found to be innocent. There is no case filed against the woman.

Now, swap their genders. There would be millions of feminist blockheads across the world, screaming, blocking random streets and disrupting their nations’ economy for no particular reason, and 7 billion agitated people.

Is this the world that feminists wish to create? A world with no rule of law; a world where men are treated like slaves and discriminated against for their gender, serving women; a world where a sexist apartheid is clapped for by more than half the population?

Thanks Leslee Udwin.

Dear BBC, are you endorsing rape?

Dear BBC,

I seek clarification regarding your film, India’s daughter. Let’s make this clear, are you endorsing rape?

Yes, the Delhi state government and police did a bad mess-up and let you interview a rapist and murderer, and shame on them for that! But your actions could lead to a rapist going away scott-free, with tons of money, and spread propaganda in favour of rape.

You bribed a rapist Rs 40,000 to give you some psychopathic statements, statements which even such a disgusting criminal asshole of a shithead would not believe in, so as to support your shitty propaganda against India (there are a ton of racist, anti-Indian articles on your website, enough said), portraying every single one of 600,000,000 Indian males as a perverted rapist sexist psychopath. Let’s make this clear. You paid a rapist. You incentivised rape. You are hurting India’s daughter, not the 600,000,000 Indian males, a lot of whom areperfectly sane, respectful and rational. You are raping India’s daughter.

I bet you know, that by making someone, who wasn’t directly the rapist, but involved in the crime and a witness to it, confess the crime, in public, in an extra-judicial setting, without the presence of his lawyer, you are permitting the rapists themselves to cry that they weren’t given a free trial, so that no death penalty could be awarded, and in effect, they could go scott-free. You are hurting India’s daughter. You are raping India’s daughter.

Your director left India before the film was released, to save his shitty skin. You clearly saw that the victim’s parents protested against the publication of the video. You are hurting India’s daughter. You are raping India’s daughter.

Oh, and did you know?! The per-capita rape  rate of  the U.K. is a whopping 14 times that of India’s. And don’t even talk about under-reporting. 60% of rapes go unreported in the U.K. Your conviction rate? 7%. Ours is thrice of that. 97000 people are raped in your country, every year, and that’s just what’s reported. 85000 are women, 12000 are men. Under-reporting is much worse among men than among women. 5% of women under 60 have been raped, and 0.85% of men. If you go by the reports.

It’s pretty obvious, that you endorse rape, sexism against women, sexism against men, racism against Indians, and so on. Ooh, and look who’s teaching us about women’s rights:

Kuwait Times teaches India women's rights?
Kuwait is obviously the world leader in women’s rights.

Your pathetic journalism is harming the lives and careers of innocents.

The ongoing neocolonisation of Evernote

Evernote for Mac, Evernote for iOS. The only two evernote clients which aren’t unusably terrible. Some Evernote apps are only available for iOS or for Mac OS. Everybody stuck with the bug-sick green elephant! The grass is really gre- er… purpler on the other side at OneNote. Ironically, these people who just upgraded to 2007 design in 2014 (they were stuck at 2001 design till then) were awarded a design award from, guess who… Apple.

Evernote is all praise for Apple, such as in this document, where it hails Apple (and to be politically correct, and Evernote, not including Evernote) as a game-changer for education, something which will never be true, despite the sheer number of fools buying Macbooks and iPads for gaming in school and listening to music from iTunes in a coffee shop, also known as “Education”. The document is named, unsurprisingly as apple_edu.pdf and not apple_and_evernote_edu.pdf.

Actually, what they write makes sense. Writing “Apple and Evernote” is like writing “Microsoft and OneNote” or “Microsoft and Windows”. The relation between Apple and Evernote is similar to what was the relation between Microsoft and Nokia until Microsoft bought its Lumia phones division. Evernote is in the early stages of a neocolonisation by Apple.

Microsoft’s business model is:

Support them, Compete with them, Beat them, Kill them, Establish a monopoly, Get kicked hard by the Maoist courts for no particular reason

Apple’s is:

Compete with them, Reduce your competition with them, Eliminate your competition with them, Pretend to love them, Sue them, Fine them, Get them hanged, Give out your evil laugh, Resurrect your competition now that there is no competition remaining, Establish a monopoly, Go unnoticed by the courts

Beware, Evernote. Seriously, it’s annoying how Evernote ignores bugs in their web, Windows, and Android clients. Anyway, Evernote has no feature that OneNote does not. So, OneNote >> Google Keep >> Evernote. Evernote could have been significantly better than Google Keep, if not for the glaring bugs.

OneNote, on the other hand, is a full-fledged Microsoft Office beast. They could have gained a much larger market share if not for the undeserved poor reputation that Microsoft has (thanks to people associating IE6 from 2001 with Microsoft now in 2014, for no obvious reason).

And the Maoists take over the EU and the US

The world’s three largest economies, the European Union, the United States, and China, have now been officially taken over by the Maoists. “People thought that Deng Xiaoping killed us” comments  the anonymous head honcho of the Maoist State of Europe, America, China and Hong Kong (MSEACH), who considers himself to be the second coming of Mao Zedong, “But nobody wonders who killed Deng Xiaoping. And look, we’re back, in the most unexpected nations of all.“.

When asked if they would succeed this time, he promptly exclaimed, “We’ve succeeded each time. The previous coming of myself had solely one aim. It was to endanger the sparrow. And we succeeded. A more well-framed question would be if we would remain in power for a longer period of time. The answer is yes. This time, we will be controlling nearly 59% of the world’s economy, and have a special new strategy…“.

After being prompted to explain the “special new strategy”, the head honcho of MSEACH, to whom we will hereby refer to Zedong II, explained “Oh, specialisation of course! We will specialise in economic destruction in the EU and social clampdown in the US. Monopolies FTL!“. Zedong II, who apparently thinks that “FTL” stands for “For The Loss” instead of the actual “Faster Than Light”, added that China is their backup option, when asked about their plans for the 1.36-billion-strong nation.

Zedong II also shed some light on the actions they have already taken to restore the reign of Mao Zedong across the world.

  • Implementation of BrowserChoice against Microsoft in the EU
  • A ton of anti-trust lawsuits, mostly against Microsoft and Google.
  • Breakup of Google services in the EU
  • Infringement of the sovereignity of non-US countries
  • Destruction of user privacy in the US (which basically encompasses the entire world besides Russia thanks to the previous point)

Zedong II was quick to point out that this is only the trailer, and the eventual goal of the MSEACH is to utterly screw up the world and its economy save the world from crony capitalist forces.

No, seriously. WHAT DO THESE NEO-MAOISTS LEADING THE US AND THE EU THINK OF THEMSELVES? What a sad state that has become of the US. One party doesn’t understand science; the other does not understand the economy. And the EU, thanks to the French, whose left and right are all the left (there the left are the Marxists, and the right are the Maoists. guess who’s better).

What rights do the Maoists in the US have to order Microsoft to hand over emails stored in its Irish servers (1, 2, 3)? I’m not a privacy freak, but the thought of a government agency personally reading your emails should freak anybody out.

And then people are thinking of bringing back SOPA. Maoism is very much alive.

Inbox by Gmail: Recommendations for

I got an invite yesterday to try out Google’s new experimental email management system – almost unsearchably (besides on Google Search) named Inbox. Ok, it isn’t that unsearchable, it has a rank of 4 when searching for “Inbox” on Bing (not including Google search here for obvious reasons), and most people would search for something like “Inbox gmail” or “Google Inbox” or “Inbox by Gmail”.

Overall, I consider it to be an inferior email management service compared to Gmail, and the service I use, Microsoft’s which is part of the free Office Online suite. It has a few new features, but that’s about it. It lacks some of the most basic features I’ve come to expect from an email management service.

For starters, I cannot “select all” emails from a list. For those used to the standard process of choosing conversations individually, Inbox makes things confusing on the front page. Choosing an item will actually choose the entire category like “Updates” or “Social“.

Google has long been a supporter of the “Delete nothing” cult, and has exercised this stubbornness by completely removing (as far as I can see) the “delete” option. As someone who already uses nearly 20% of free space on gmail (everything neatly organised into folders until I switched to with active, regular deletion, without even using it as my primary email service any longer, I am utterly horrified by this step. It’s not a positive step for someone who wants a clean and clutter-free inbox.

Many elements, both design-wise and functionality-wise, seem to have been inspired by The “pinning” feature is basically the “flagging” feature of, “sweeping” is inspired by the “sweeping” feature of, etc. The repositioning of many features like “Hangouts” in the top-bar, are also undoubtedly inspired by This is not to mention the general concept of material design, which is of course inspired from Microsoft’s Metro/Flat/Modern design language.

The UI seems to violate Google’s own recommendation for material design. The entire inbox is built using cards, but the cards don’t satisfy the conditions that Google states in it’s own material design recommendations. This leads to the layout becoming distractive and cluttered.

Overall, the new UI is not productive for serious use, as you are more likely to miss out important notifications and emails. It seems to be intended more for the casual user, the so-called “neo-netizen” who only uses email to chat with its friends, etc. It also lacks customisablity, and the settings are weak, even when compared to Gmail. For instance, it’s a degradation over Gmail’s already-poor email forwarding options.

Talking about customisability, one feature I really love about is the slightly underrated Rules feature for automatically sending your emails into specific folders. Fine that Inbox has better (than most email services) automatic sorting categories (“Finance”, “Travel”, etc. are pretty good ones), but I’m still not comfortable with leaving the job of organising my emails to an AI – I prefer to do this myself. For instance, I may value a particular forum I contribute to over others, and would prefer if that forum had a separate category. On, you can set specific conditions, like “if from then send to folder XYZ, forward to” and I need not rely on an AI sorting my emails for me.

Recommendations for

As I’ve already said, I’m now an user, and for my own personal interest, it would be to my benefit if I provide recommendations, rather than recommendations for gmail or yahoo mail. What I’m saying is, while I don’t like Inbox on the whole, I really envy some of the nice features it has, and would like Microsoft to put them in too : )

  • To-do lists – This is a really good feature that Inbox presents – Microsoft has the advantage of being tied to a really full-featured note-taking program, that is OneNote. Why not let us display selected OneNote notes on a tab in our inbox, or, optinally, on top of our onenote notes.
  • Snoozing – This is another nice feature in Inbox that helps keep a more clutter-free inbox, probably taken from Dropbox’s email client for Android and iOS, that is Mailbox. I’d like to shamelessly steal this feature, and improve upon it. For instance, I’d like snoozing to work not only based on time, but also where I am (my geolocation). For instance, I’d like to be able to “snooze till I return to Bangalore” or “snooze till I’m at my workplace”. This sends the email to a “snoozed” category until the trigger (like “2 hours” or “till I’m at my workplace”) is activated, when it returns to the inbox.
  • Updated version of “Rules” – As I’ve previously said, I love the “Rules” feature that helps me automate my email while still retaining complete control of it. However, I’d like it if it were slightly improved upon with inspiration from Inbox. I currently only use rules for emails which I don’t need to check. For instance, send emails from to “Blablabla” folder and forward to “”, since it’s mostly a mail intended for, not me. If had an option along with “send emails from … to … folder and forward to …” that “BUT display in inbox till I read”, then I could use the feature much more powerfully. Basically what I’m proposing is, that there should be an option that some of these emails which are automatically sent to a folder or forwarded, should appear in my main inbox too until I read them.

In summary, Inbox is basically another standard google product. Does something someone else (Mailbox in this case) tried to do, taking inspiration from other products too ( in this case), innovating in that, succeeding at that, but also acting a little oversmart. In this case, they’ve missed a number of features, but considering that it’s a pretty new product, I’d excuse it for now : ) That’s about it.