Mozilla does it again: Banning of “men kampf” extension

I’m an ardent user and supporter of Firefox, but have never liked Mozilla the organisation. My political respect for them as an organisation dropped to zero the day they kicked out Brendan Eich for his irrelevant political views (for the record, I completely support gay marriage and LGBT rights in general), and am suspicious that they have funding from the democrats. And they’ve only proven me right about them with their latest shitty move: banning the “Men kampf” extension from the Firefox add-ons store.

Look, Mozilla, it’s a joke. It’s neither pro-Nazi, nor pro-patriarchy. It is anti-feminist, but anyone with a non-zero IQ should be anti-feminist, assuming that by feminist we don’t mean “people fighting for equal rights and opportunities for the genders and combating sexual prejudice” but rather “people who want a holocaust of all men thanks to their vested interests or psychopathic  attitude.

You see, even if they were pro-Nazi, banning it isn’t helping your cause. If you’d like to stop Nazis from taking over the world, give them freedom. By denying them freedom, you only let people sympathise with them. But by giving them freedom, and also their opponents, you inevitably destroy the liars, misguided, and idiots, because in a free society, truth always prevails. But by censoring one side, you achieve nothing – in fact, you might achieve the opposite of what you intended.

The U.S. has full freedom of speech. The E.U. does not. Guess where neo-Nazis are more politically influential?

The Men Kampf guys aren’t even trying to be neo-Nazi, nor pro-patriarchy. They’re just trying to be funny, and if you ask me, they’re doing a good job at it.

I do not, however, encourage the viewers of this blog to boycott, stop using, spread lies about, etc. Firefox, because then you’ll be doing no better than what Mozilla did with Brendan Eich, kicking them out for a totally unrelated opinion of theirs.


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