Feminist Leslee Udwin murders innocent person for being both Indian and male

Another victim of Leslie Udwin’s brutal vendetta against Indian men:

Nagaland government has conveyed to the Centre that Syed Sarif Khan, who was lynched by a mob in Dimapur last week, did not rape the girl who accused him of assaulting her but they had consensual sex twice. (source: the shillong times)

Is the close proximity to the date of the release of BBC’s Leslie Udwin’s crappy film, India’s daughter, a mere coincidence? I don’t think so. The murderers who murdered this innocent person, hurling racist slurs (of being an illegal Bangladeshi immigrant, while he was actually an Indian from Assam) at him, weren’t uneducated, illiterate, or economically poor people, but teachers, and other educated folks.

Let’s see the story.

A random stranger, a woman, follows Khan into a hotel, and claims she’s willing to have intercourse with him for a sum of 5000 rupees. They do so, twice, and then this woman demands a sum of 5 lakh rupees, threatening to file a case of rape should he not comply. He refuses, and she, keeping to her “promise”, files a rape charge against him. He is imprisoned for this. One fine day, a mob bursts into the jail, grabs him, and drags him 7 kilometres from the spot, where he is accused of being an illegal Bangladeshi immigrant, stripped, beaten up, his scrotum cut open, castrated, and shredded to death. A few days later, he’s found to be innocent. There is no case filed against the woman.

Now, swap their genders. There would be millions of feminist blockheads across the world, screaming, blocking random streets and disrupting their nations’ economy for no particular reason, and 7 billion agitated people.

Is this the world that feminists wish to create? A world with no rule of law; a world where men are treated like slaves and discriminated against for their gender, serving women; a world where a sexist apartheid is clapped for by more than half the population?

Thanks Leslee Udwin.


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