Dear BBC, are you endorsing rape?

Dear BBC,

I seek clarification regarding your film, India’s daughter. Let’s make this clear, are you endorsing rape?

Yes, the Delhi state government and police did a bad mess-up and let you interview a rapist and murderer, and shame on them for that! But your actions could lead to a rapist going away scott-free, with tons of money, and spread propaganda in favour of rape.

You bribed a rapist Rs 40,000 to give you some psychopathic statements, statements which even such a disgusting criminal asshole of a shithead would not believe in, so as to support your shitty propaganda against India (there are a ton of racist, anti-Indian articles on your website, enough said), portraying every single one of 600,000,000 Indian males as a perverted rapist sexist psychopath. Let’s make this clear. You paid a rapist. You incentivised rape. You are hurting India’s daughter, not the 600,000,000 Indian males, a lot of whom areperfectly sane, respectful and rational. You are raping India’s daughter.

I bet you know, that by making someone, who wasn’t directly the rapist, but involved in the crime and a witness to it, confess the crime, in public, in an extra-judicial setting, without the presence of his lawyer, you are permitting the rapists themselves to cry that they weren’t given a free trial, so that no death penalty could be awarded, and in effect, they could go scott-free. You are hurting India’s daughter. You are raping India’s daughter.

Your director left India before the film was released, to save his shitty skin. You clearly saw that the victim’s parents protested against the publication of the video. You are hurting India’s daughter. You are raping India’s daughter.

Oh, and did you know?! The per-capita rape  rate of  the U.K. is a whopping 14 times that of India’s. And don’t even talk about under-reporting. 60% of rapes go unreported in the U.K. Your conviction rate? 7%. Ours is thrice of that. 97000 people are raped in your country, every year, and that’s just what’s reported. 85000 are women, 12000 are men. Under-reporting is much worse among men than among women. 5% of women under 60 have been raped, and 0.85% of men. If you go by the reports.

It’s pretty obvious, that you endorse rape, sexism against women, sexism against men, racism against Indians, and so on. Ooh, and look who’s teaching us about women’s rights:

Kuwait Times teaches India women's rights?
Kuwait is obviously the world leader in women’s rights.

Your pathetic journalism is harming the lives and careers of innocents.


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