The ongoing neocolonisation of Evernote

Evernote for Mac, Evernote for iOS. The only two evernote clients which aren’t unusably terrible. Some Evernote apps are only available for iOS or for Mac OS. Everybody stuck with the bug-sick green elephant! The grass is really gre- er… purpler on the other side at OneNote. Ironically, these people who just upgraded to 2007 design in 2014 (they were stuck at 2001 design till then) were awarded a design award from, guess who… Apple.

Evernote is all praise for Apple, such as in this document, where it hails Apple (and to be politically correct, and Evernote, not including Evernote) as a game-changer for education, something which will never be true, despite the sheer number of fools buying Macbooks and iPads for gaming in school and listening to music from iTunes in a coffee shop, also known as “Education”. The document is named, unsurprisingly as apple_edu.pdf and not apple_and_evernote_edu.pdf.

Actually, what they write makes sense. Writing “Apple and Evernote” is like writing “Microsoft and OneNote” or “Microsoft and Windows”. The relation between Apple and Evernote is similar to what was the relation between Microsoft and Nokia until Microsoft bought its Lumia phones division. Evernote is in the early stages of a neocolonisation by Apple.

Microsoft’s business model is:

Support them, Compete with them, Beat them, Kill them, Establish a monopoly, Get kicked hard by the Maoist courts for no particular reason

Apple’s is:

Compete with them, Reduce your competition with them, Eliminate your competition with them, Pretend to love them, Sue them, Fine them, Get them hanged, Give out your evil laugh, Resurrect your competition now that there is no competition remaining, Establish a monopoly, Go unnoticed by the courts

Beware, Evernote. Seriously, it’s annoying how Evernote ignores bugs in their web, Windows, and Android clients. Anyway, Evernote has no feature that OneNote does not. So, OneNote >> Google Keep >> Evernote. Evernote could have been significantly better than Google Keep, if not for the glaring bugs.

OneNote, on the other hand, is a full-fledged Microsoft Office beast. They could have gained a much larger market share if not for the undeserved poor reputation that Microsoft has (thanks to people associating IE6 from 2001 with Microsoft now in 2014, for no obvious reason).


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