Capitalism is about equal opportunity; Communism is about equal outcome

TL;DR – If you’re too stupid or too lazy to achieve what I did with the same opportunities, it’s not my goddamn problem. And anybody who suggests otherwise is a commie.

Communists love to shroud their true ideology under the name “egalitarianism”. But egalitarianism what? Egalitarianism of opportunity? Egalitarianism of natural abilities and provisions? Or egalitarianism of outcome? The communist ideology is, in fact, all about equal outcome, no matter how you would prefer to deny it. Granted, many self-proclaimed capitalists claim to support capitalism, which is about egalitarianism of opportunity, whereas what they really support is the discrimination of minorities.

What do reservations and quotas achieve for “equality”, economy, or science? The objective of reservations is clear. This is what their proponents say, “It’s to ensure that minorities don’t get under-represented in society“. Under-represented. What does this mean. That the outcome is fairly equal. It does not tackle real problems of discrimination; all it does is ensure that everybody gets discriminated.

Your child died in a car accident? So sorry, now I’m going to have to kill all children in car accidents, so that your child didn’t have to die. Oh wait, it doesn’t work that way. That’s just too bad. Because… I’M STILL GOING TO KILL ALL CHILDREN IN CAR ACCIDENTS! What, someone died? NOW I’M GOING TO MAKE THE HUMAN RACE GO EXTINCT! WOO-HOO!

What’s my problem, you ask? My problem is that:

  • It’s not my problem if despite having the same opportunities as me, you’re too stupid and/or lazy to achieve what I did.
  • Imagine a world with equal outcome. Now everybody will suffer, and no exceptional talents will arise. Yay <hi-five!>.
  • Socialism results in the oppression of people because their ancestors oppressed other people, and this cycle continues on and on, with multiple more communist revolutions, with a lot of bloodshed, economic destruction, and communal animosity.
  • Remember the competitions when the announcer would announce “Today, all of you are winners“? That’s of the same value as saying, “Today, all of you are losers“. The value of “winning” just gets devalued.
  • A good analogy for socialism is in stupid reality TV shows, in which the invited guests request that nobody be disqualified. That justs result in more people being disqualified in the next session. Sacrifice the future, for the present.
  • Communism encourages laziness. There’s been much said on this anyway.

Basically, socialism is about oppressing the ones with merit and supporting those with none. Even if they had the same opportunity.

Socialism is about equal outcome; Capitalism is about equal opportunity.

Socialism is about tasty painkillers; Capitalism is about medicines – bitter ones.

Socialism is about making voters’ life comfortable till the next election; Capitalism is about making people’s lives better in the long run.¬†

Socialism is about killing your child’s future to enjoy yourself; Capitalsim is about forgoing some luxury so your child can feed himself.

Socialism is about enjoying tobacco and killing yourself; Capitalism is about avoiding such to lead a healthier life.

Socialism is about discriminating against those who’s daddies discriminated against others; Capitalism is about equal opportunity.


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