Reservations and quotas

As more and more reservations pile up and expand, Indian meritocracy dwindles to non-existence. Our current government, which is otherwise quite capitalist and meritocratic (two essential qualities of any administration) in other respects, for Indian standards, anyway, continues to push for a “women’s reservation bill”.

For non-Indians, let me start by stating that India is a country with 49.5% reservations in public sector organisations, including educational institutions, besides defence. Some states, including the industrious state of Maharashtra have even an 87% reservation, in clear violation of a supreme court order that placed an upper limit on reservations at 50%. Reservations based on caste, religion, birthplace, and so on. Supposedly “low-caste” individuals, Muslims, Kashmiri Hindus, and so on have a much easier task of getting into a government institution. Which means the caste system is still up and kicking in India, just that the historical lower-castes are now the upper-castes, although people like to deny this fact.

And now you want to add a 33% reservation based on gender? Seriously? The prestigious Indian Institute of Science, has merely 120 undergraduate seats, and 60 are gone to reservation. Remove another 40, and you have just 20 merit seats, seats for people who don’t have the privilege of being born as a Dalit, S.C., S.T., female, Muslim, and so on.

By all means, get rid of patriarchy. But that doesn’t mean you must spit in the name of merit and switch to another shame in the name of meritocracy, matriarchy. Saying “women were exploited for so long, now the men should be exploited” is ridiculous and stupid. Few of the women who were exploited during patriarchial times will be alive in 25 years, and few of the exploiter men would be alive then too. You would be punishing the wrong people and benefitting the wrong ones too.

Oh, and even in patriarchial times (the current times are a mixture of patriarchy and matriarchy1), or times with any presence of patriarchy at all, it’s not the exploited who are benefited from reservations. The fact that you can apply for reservations itself shows that nobody is illegally discriminating you. I hope this diagram clears things up.

1 Discounts, higher FD interest rates, reserved seats in buses for women, societal expectations of men, and so on, are matriarchy, no matter what you would like to believe.


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