OneDrive: The weak link in Microsoft Windows

Update from the future (CTC): I tried OneDrive again, looks like they’ve done a major overhaul, and it isn’t buggy! It’s as fast, or maybe even faster, than Google Drive.

After a period of being fascinated by OneDrive’s storage capabilities, trying it out, doing everything I can to increase my storage space further, blaming any problem I encounter on myself, and finally getting frustrated with this cloud storage service, I’m finally quitting OneDrive, and moving my files to Google Drive and Dropbox (I can’t use a single service because I have too many files, OneDrive had 30GB, which was enough on the other hand).

OneDrive seems to be the next stupid mistake of Microsoft after Internet Explorer 9, an update that made IE worse than it ever was. I absolutely detest how they tout these half-baked products as revolutionary and the one place for everything. Come on, even the most novice of developers bother to debug their products. Like how they released a buggy and pathetic IE 9, they seem to have laden their new donkey, OneDrive, with way too much shit for it to move or even stand without crashing to the ground.

My biggest complaint about OneDrive for Windows 7 is that “Sync stops unexpectedly”. Out of my 24GB, only about 2GB gets synced before the syncing thing crashes for some random reason. No, Microsoft isn’t lying, I’ve checked to see if they can actually handle more storage than 2GB by manually uploading files from my system (which I can’t do for all my files since onelike what MS expects, I actually need to put my files into folders.

Another stupid thing OneDrive does, is re-uploading all my files if I change the folder nesting structure on my PC. On Google Drive and Dropbox, it simply tracks the changes I’ve done to the folder structure, and does the same on its own servers. The upload was in itself always terribly slow, compared to Dropbox and especially Google Drive (and to completely mindboggle me, I heard from people that “it’s actually much better now!”. how bad was it before, then?).

So I’m finally switching – I’ll be using Google Drive for my important files (because a lot more useful features I’ll need are free on G-Drive on DB) and Dropbox for my less important files, basically my archives and photos. It’s a pity that I will no longer be able to use the “share from onedrive” feature when sending an email from or quickly save my office online files (I know the free Office Online isn’t as good as the real thing, but I use it when I need to do some quick editing) to my cloud storage (which is why I call it the weak link in Office, in particular).

Microsoft, I love your other products, but don’t you dare try to replace my hard drive.


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