Again I find that yet another person tries to persuade me to download Safari, to buy a Mac, trying to convince me that iPhones are the best smartphones in the market (if you ask me, they are just oversized, overpriced erasers – easy to bend if you do it right, and really good at wiping your data, one does it only when you tell it to, the other does it only when you don’t, guess which one). And yet again another far-left person who considers him a revolutionary in Indian politics, trying to tell me I should vote for AAP in the next Lower House elections.

I simply can’t get the thought, of the AAP being awfully similar to Apple.

If they can’t do something, sour grapes!
Apple: We don’t support flash because flash is dead.
AAP: We don’t have economic policies because capitalism is dead (good thing they didn’t say our economy is dead).

If your once-saviour becomes a threat to you, you insult them with all your vocabulary.
Apple: who were once saved by Microsoft Bill is basically unimaginative and has invented nothing new, which is why he puts his efforts on philanthropy instead of technology.
AAP: who had previously praised Times Now for fair journalism Times Now is just a bunch of paid BJP media, we will boycott their interviews.

Vastly overrated by their fans.
Apple fans: Safari’s the fastest browser on Earth! Windows? Poof. Linux, what’s that? Mac is the only meaningful OS. Office for Mac is actually made by Apple, and it’s better than Office for Windows! Look my iOS has swype-typing – does your Android have that? i-i-i-i-i-i!
AAP fans: I will vote for AAP because AAP is the only honest party out there. Look, misguided fools, one man is fighting for all of us!

Copy and claim to be “different”.
Apple: Think different. Copy the Tablet PC. Think different. We will never hesitate from copying a good idea. Think different. The difference is the area and thickness of your phone – we have great ironing machines, sometimes they bend phones, though. Think different. Difference can be negative too, like 2 years behind swype typing…
AAP: BJP is corrupt and will block Lokpal. Copy Lokpal from BJP. Report about Gujarat: Modi wastes taxpayers’ money by travelling in a private plane! Return to Delhi in a private plane.

At first, people are enthusiastic about their radicality. But for about 2 years,… and then they are proven to be failures.


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