An Analogy between the states of the Indian Union and those of the European Union

I’ve always wondered about these little analogies. So now after some pondering, I present my analogy between the states of EU and those of India (sometimes called the Indian Union as the consitution states that India “shall be union of states”):

  • Western Europe is Western India. An Industrial powerhouse of the region, pretty rich, and what is probably the region’s largest metropolis (Bombay/Paris) is quite a cosmopolitan. There are some strong regional fans in France/Maharashtra and Spain/Gujarat has recently started to develop quite rapidly. The Marathas/French had once nearly unified all of India/Europe.
  • Eastern Europe is Eastern India. Once a very developed region,  now has detoriated due to far-leftist agendas and sheer bad luck. Unlucky Poland would be the misfortuned West Bengal. Lots of states here that many people from the rest of the Union don’t know the names of (the people of these states are also ridiculed due to their Chinese/Russian features in India and Europe respectively).
  • Southern Europe is Northern India. Particularly, Italy would be U.P., Greece would be Bihar, Turkey would be Punjab. Once a superior cultural, economic, and educational centre, now has degraded into the most underdeveloped economies of the region. Nalanda in Bihar was like Athens in Greece. In terms of language imposition, India experiences a milder version of the Latin Era of Europe post-Roman empire.
  • Northern and Central Europe is Southern India. Northern Europe is Kerala (considered the rare examples of a “successful socialist state” although I would bet to differ). Karnataka would be Switzerland (industrial and educational powerhouse, wonderful Bangalore/Zurich, nearly every region of Karnataka is highly influenced by another state, making its languages and cultures quite diverse), Tamil Nadu as Germany (industrial and educational powerhouse, the current anti-Brahmin politics is similiar to the Nazi era of Germany, the AIDMK reminds me of DDR), Seemandhra would be Hungary, Telangana would be Austria (Austria-Hungary empire – Andhra Pradesh), Pondicherry as Luxembourg. In ancient times, they were considered to be Demons (“Rakshasas”)/Barbarians (but who knows the reality, history is written by the victors, and Southern India, Central Europe are at least stereotyped as physically weaker), but now lead the union in education, research, economy, and social development.

So turn India upside-down (flip across horizontal axis) and contort it a little, and you get Europe.


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