Why Sathya Nadella is absolutely right about women asking for a payraise

What am I hearing? Satya Nadella is a chavunist, a sexist, a maoist, a communist, a capitalist, an imperialist, an exorcist, an insertbadwordhereist!

Too bad, your gender is seldom a good reason to get anything (besides sanitary pads). If you don’t work enough to get a payraise, that’s your problem. If you’re too shy to ask for a payraise you deserve but haven’t been given, it’s your problem. Stop blaming your productivity and character on the rest of the world.

This applies to men and women alike. Sathya said it in a polite way – to prevent any loss to his company that would be incurred from fools who buy based on the organisation’s shareholders’ personal beliefs instead of product quality.

Unfortunately, the feminists get food to protest against, and the media gets food to feed the public who will feed them their TRP. An organisation has its own priorities and profits to consider. Think you’ll get a payraise for being a woman? Fat hopes. And unlike these retarded pseudo-secular feminists, Bill’s (a major shareholder in Microsoft) the one actually working for the empowerment of the poor and the oppressed.

Too bad though, Microsoft bashing, Mozilla bashing, Flipkart bashing are “cool” thse days. Doubt there would have been a similar reaction if Tim Cook said that.


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