From 95 to 10: The journey of Windows

Windows 10 technical preview is here, and it looks like next XP-like revolution. If we disregard the Windows application versions that were launched from DOS, and start our clock at Windows 95, and if we consider Windows 8.1 to be Windows 9, we have it that every fifth version of Windows (XP and 10) were massive successes, the odd-numbered versions tend to be more successful (starting with W3, ending with W8, its alternating). But something interesting is that in most of its successes tend to combine the best of both worlds. Usually, the one of the worlds, the older one was a success and the newer world was a failure.

Windows XP (Windows 5) combined the best of both worlds from Windows 2000 (Windows 3) and Windows me (Windows 4), and made it really great. Windows 3 was pretty good, but not so good for the average john doe. Windows 4 was something that Microsoft should apologise every day for, but had a more intuitive UI. Microsoft combined the two with Windows 5, and made it better than ever (better functionality than W3, better design than W4).

Windows 7 combined the best of both worlds from Windows XP (Windows 5) and Windows Vista (Windows 6). Windows 5 had revolutonary functionality, but its UI had started to get really boring. Windows 6 had a whole new awesome UI, soon to be known as Aero, but was something that Microsoft should apologise every week for. Microsoft combined the best of both worlds with Windows 7, removed the bugs of 6, restored the greatness of 5, with great new features that you had never seen before, with a boost to Aero.

And now Microsoft is doing the same thing with Windows 10. Windows 9 (Windows 8.1) was just the prelude to something amazing. It has all the new features and speed of 8/9, the great “Metro” of 8/9, and the familiar and more meaningful desktop of 7. No more split personality for Windows, phew! This illogical split personality was what made me choose to stick with 7, but with 10,… I may switch if I can afford to! And I must complete, “with a hoarde of great, just great, features that every Windows user wants”. And the Internet of Things is closer than ever!

Remember the days when you had those funny Venn diagrams, with circles, “Customisable (C)”, “Powerful (P)”, and “User-friendly (U)”, with Linux in the intersection of  C,P, Mac in the intersection of P, U, and Windows in the intersection of C, U, and at the intersection of C,P, U, a “You wish”. Well, it was inaccurate anyway, Windows has always been more powerful than a Mac, but now Windows sits right there, where the “You wish” arrow goes. That should be their tagline for Win10, You Wish.


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