Is the Singularity here?

Every year we hear. That the singularity is here. But be not deceived by your ear. Year, by year. We know the singularity is here when:

  • You have a smart fridge, a smart desk, and a smart home, and you don’t bother making a point about that when speaking to anyone.
  • Your “camera” is nearly 576 Megapixels, and to improve it, you insert spectacles.
  • Every country’s army and labour force is made entirely of robots.
  • When your extended memory merges with your own (you will be able to download knowledge).
  • When you burn fat to charge your laptop.
  • When “techprints” are inserted into infant brains and used in place of fingerprints.
  • When telepathy is a  reality.
  • When the browser wars and the “cloud wars” enter history textbooks.

Sounds like a far way to go? Don’t worry, this only means Moore’s law is still working.


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